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10:16 PM
VATSAF 3rd Birthday Bash!!!


It is that time of the year for celebration and happiness at VATSAF...
VATSAF has come a long way in 3 years and has had many commited members which have made this division as strong as it is today!
We plan to honour these past and present members and staff for their hard work. So join us for celebrations and quality flying time as our skies are manned with ATC for this event. We will be opening op 3 major airports : FAJS (johannesburg International), FACT (Cape Town International). FADN (Durban International)

Date : 8th November 2008
Time : 15:00z - 22:00z
Place : South Africa : FAJS, FACT, FADN (VATSAF Divison)

Please follow the following links for resources :

FAJS Info & Charts :
FACT Info and Charts :
FADN Info and Charts :

FAJS Scenery :

FACT Scenery :

This will be a celebration not too miss!!!


Hope to see you there
VATSAF EVents Department

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